Silica Studios
752 S. Williams Road
Palm Springs CA, 92264
Monthly Membership:
​$175 per month for 3+ months, plus firing costs (See Below for Firing Rates)
One or Two Month Membership $200 per month, plus firing costs
Membership includes the following:
  • Full access to studio during business hours
  • Technical support 
  • Discount on workshops
  • Space to store tools and clay
  • Members are also invited to participate in studio sales 
Firing Cost:
Member Rate -           $0.02 per cubic inch ~ min. $1 per piece
Studio Hours:                                       Summer Studio Hours:    
M-F   8am - 4pm                                     M-F  8am - 2pm
Sat.   8am - 1pm                                     Sat.  8am - 12pm
                            Sunday ~ CLOSED
                          **Hours are Subject to Change**
Various classes and workshops will be offered throughout the year
Classes will be posted in calendar and on Facebook as they are offered