Monthly Membership:
​$175 per month for 3+ months, plus firing costs (See Below for Firing Rates)
One or Two Month Membership $200 per month, plus firing costs
Membership includes the following:
  • Full access to studio during business hours
  • Technical support 
  • Discount on workshops
  • Space to store tools and clay
  • Members are also invited to participate in studio sales 
Firing Cost:
Member Rate -           $0.02 per cubic inch ~ min. $1 per piece
Studio Hours:                                       Summer Studio Hours:    
M-F   8am - 4pm                                     M-F  8am - 2pm
Sat.   8am - 1pm                                     Sat.  8am - 12pm
                            Sunday ~ CLOSED
                          **Hours are Subject to Change**
Various classes and workshops will be offered throughout the year.
Fill out the waitlist form to be added to list for classes. 

     Silica Studios is currently not accepting new members.

     Please fill out form to be added to our waitlist for membership.

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Silica Studios
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